Appendix 1

Superior space available of Low-Profile systems

NETFLOOR Low-Profile systems not only create most ceiling-to-floor space, but also are capable of superior capacity for cable trench and under UniPanel.
For ECO series, the cable trench clearance is system height minus 9 mm; for CAMASS and CAMASSCRETE series, the cable trench clearance is system height minus 12 mm. Please find the following summary table for details.
Taking ECO CA600R (60mm H) as example, it at least can stack 60 cable lines (Cat.6) or stack 13 pcs 1/2 inch wide conduit under cable trench per 600 mm wide module. Following drawing shown.

NETFLOOR Low- Profile floor system Compare to CRF Traditional Access Floor

When CRF systems are installed at heights less than 100 mm (4"), for example 60 mm (2.36"), there will not be sufficient space for cable routing under the panel body. Without cable trench, cable could only installed under panel and generally 35mm clearance uniformly.  

But Camass and CamassCrete System could provide capacity not only under panel but cable trench. If installed at 60 mm (2.36") height and still provide a consistent 48 mm (1.89") clearance at the Cable Trenches, while CRF can not provide.

All experienced installers know that CRF is generally installed at more than 150 mm height, and for heights of less than 100mm it simply is not cost- and labor-effective. CRF floors therefore consumes more of ceiling clearance as in most retrofit projects, and the situation is only worse when there are more floors. To provide a viable alternative, Netfloor Cable Management Access Floor systems are developed at low profile configurations of less than 100 mm (4") height. It is designed for floor-ceiling height conservation while maintaining sufficient cable capacity in the cable trenches. The Low-Profile access floor systems (Camass, CamassCrete, ECO systems) hence require different set of conditions for installation.